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Q-CROC celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Find out more here.

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Q-CROC is a non-profit organization that coordinates a clinical cancer research network of 18 health care institutions across the province of Quebec.



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2023 Q-CROC's Activity Report

2023 Q-CROC's Activity Report

“We’re delighted to present Q-CROC’s activity report for 2023, reflecting the achievements and challenges of our network on this 15th…
CLINICAL RESEARCH IN ONCOLOGY: what do participants think?

CLINICAL RESEARCH IN ONCOLOGY: what do participants think?

In 2022-2023, Q-CROC surveyed some 40 participants in cancer clinical trials. The main objective was to better understand the factors…
New webinar with Santé Canada

New webinar with Santé Canada

(French only) Q-CROC est heureux de vous convier au webinaire « Comprendre la classification du risque des observations liées aux…