Clinical Research in Oncology

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Competency Development Tool

To download the French version of ACRP Entry-level CRC Competency Development and Assessment Roadmap, complete the fields below:

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ICH Harmonised Guidelines

Site Resource For Invoiceables

SCRS developed a resource to assist sites in their understanding of key components to protocol budgets. Understanding these components and ensuring sites consider them for each trial budget is essential to the financial foundation of the site to ensure sustainability throughout the lifecycle of each protocol they undertake. 

The Site Resource to Understand Common Invoiceable Items & Services

Checklist : Talking to Your Patient About a Clinical Trial

Talking to a potential participant about enrolling in a clinical trial is not always easy. Fortunately, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has put together an informed consent self-evaluation checklist to help you.

Checklist : Talking to Your Patient About a Clinical Trial