Clinical Research in Oncology

Who We Are: Quebec’s largest clinical research network in oncology

The Quebec – Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC) is a not-for-profit organization that has been active since 2008. It coordinates a network that includes 100% of the health care institutions where clinical oncology research is conducted in Quebec. It counts over 900 physicians, nurses, managers and health care professionals.

What we do

Q-CROC develops solutions to optimize the recruitment of participants in clinical trials and to increase knowledge in clinical research.

Q-CROC  supports investigators to enable them to be more effective. Since 2018, Q-CROC has been coordinating subgroups of investigators specialized by tumor site. This strategy greatly stimulates collaboration between physicians in different hospitals. The positive outcomes on patient recruitment are already seen.

OncoQuebec, Q-CROC study registry, lists all studies in progress within the network. Updated continuously by Q-CROC liaison officers, it is the most up-to-date in Quebec. It is an essential tool for our members, particularly to refer patients between hospitals, map studies and measure their performance.

Thanks to the privileged relationships established with the oncology clinical research community in its network and to its expertise, Q-CROC coordinates clinical research awareness activities at the provincial level and distributes educational materials on clinical research in Quebec hospitals.

Our Partners

Our partners contribute to the development of our activities, through funding or collaborations:

More about our activities

Want to learn more about Q-CROC and clinical research in Quebec? Check out our activity reports and our report on the impact of clinical research in oncology in Quebec.