Clinical Research in Oncology

Discover Clinical Research in Cancer

Why be interested in clinical research? Discover the story of Yvan Laniel, diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 56. Almost 20 years and 3 clinical trials later, Mr. Laniel shares his experience.


“What I would like to say to people with cancer is to be hopeful. Hope comes from research and if you are offered a research protocol, at least be open to it. Listen to the benefits and the risks. Think that everything we have today, which has done a tremendous amount of good for cancer patient care, is really because of research. ” Dr. Fred Saad, CHUM researcher and Laniel’s doctor

What is a clinical trial?

Cancer clinical trials are designed to study potential new treatments. The goal is to find treatments that are better than those currently available.

The cancer treatments that exist today have been previously evaluated in clinical trials.
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Who can participate?

Cancer clinical trials are open to patients of different ages and conditions.

There are clinical trials for different types and stages of cancer.
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ongoing trials
participants in 2021
For a year, I was treated for stage 3b triple-negative breast cancer. I had chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I participated in three research protocols, two during chemotherapy and one during radiation.
Catherine Wilhelmy Sherbrooke
A few decades ago, people did not recover from cancer. My mother died of it in 1991. Thirty years after her, I went through a period marked by the same terrifying words: chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy...
Catherine Wilhelmy Sherbrooke
But mine had nothing to do with the experience she had at the time; neither in terms of side effects suffered nor in the result on health and life expectancy. All of this I owe to research.
Catherine Wilhelmy Sherbrooke

How to find a clinical trial?

Generally, people with cancer find clinical trials in one of the following ways:

In Quebec, oncology clinical trials can be found at: