Clinical Research in Oncology

Tutorial in Research Ethics
Trainer : Ethics Unit of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec
Abstract: This online tutorial was developed specifically for research ethics board (REB) members and support staffs who work in the institutions of the Quebec health and social services network.Level 1: General in nature, the first level of training introduces the basic scientific and ethical knowledge that underlie research, the relevant normative texts and sound management of ethical review.Level 3: This level is designed for everyone. Its purpose is to explore different themes in greater depth and to provide more extensive knowledge of the issues raised in emerging research activities. Module 3.1: Ethical analysis of benefits and harms in research Module 3.2: Issues Pertinent to Certain Types of Research Participants: Children, Incompetent Adults and Persons in Situations of Vulnerability Module 3.3: Ethics and Regulation of Clinical trials