Clinical Research in Oncology

Portfolio of clinical trials in oncology in Quebec and databases


Through its role as network coordinator and clinical research development organization, Q-CROC has been able to collect a wide range of relevant evidence pertaining to clinical research in oncology in Quebec. This real world evidence constitutes a valuable observational tool capable of monitoring the vitality of this sector with the aim of better promoting it. Our databases contain validated and frequently updated information, thanks to our liaison coordinators.


Our databases comprises three essential components:

  • A portfolio of ongoing clinical studies in the network. With over 1,100 studies, 350 of which are currently in recruitment, this tool provides easy access to a list of current studies classified by tumor site ( Our database was also designed to allow easy updating our network information within existing registries such as the Groupe d’études en oncologie du Québec and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

  • A collection of performance indicators for ongoing studies in the network. The portfolio of studies also allows the collection of data at different stages of study startup and recruitment phases. The data collected helps evaluate process efficiency and identify strengths and possible improvements. It also allows Q-CROC to have an overview of the network and develop concerted and structuring actions to support all members with the aim of increasing Québec’s performance and competitiveness.

  • A map of the network. Our mapping tool covers two main aspects of the network. On the one hand, we have over 400 fact sheets on clinicians and professionals involved in clinical research, listing their specialties and subspecialties as well as their research interests. And on the other hand we have a repertoire of more than 30 variables pertaining to member institutions’ characteristics and capacities in terms of clinical research, such as cancer cases seen annually, specialized equipment, infrastructure for Phase I studies, local procedures for ethical review and contracts, etc. This map is an efficient tool for promoting member institutions and attracting more clinical studies to the province of Quebec.

Promoters (industry, academia, cooperative groups) who work with Q-CROC are thus capable of quickly identifying hospitals and clinicians who can play a part in their clinical studies. This accelerates the feasibility process and is a useful addition to the existing network of Q-CROC liaison coordinators who specialize in study start-up.


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