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A new Quebec search engine to find clinical trials in oncology

(Quebec City, October 7, 2019) The Quebec Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC) is launching OncoQuébec ( today.


Working as a search engine, OncoQuébec allows you to search clinical trials by keyword or category (e.g. hospital, type of cancer, etc.). Although developed for and with healthcare professionals, people with cancer and their families can also take advantage of this user-friendly tool.


“Searching for clinical trials is often challenging. The information available is generally difficult to find. Time is precious for patients and healthcare professionals, hence the need for a user-friendly tool that allows for a quick and precise research. “says Lucie D’Amours, General Manager of Q-CROC.


Q-CROC is proud to have received financial support from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and other collaborators for this project.


Did you know?

A clinical trial is a study conducted by a doctor in collaboration with patients to evaluate a potential treatment or a new medical technique. Clinical research makes it possible to develop more effective treatments with fewer side effects in the short and long term. Approximately 55,000 Quebecers are diagnosed with cancer each year. Over 2,000 of them took part in a clinical trial in 2018.



OncoQuébec is a web application developed by the Quebec Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC). Q-CROC is an NPO established in 2008 that optimizes patient recruitment and the quality of clinical research in oncology. Q-CROC coordinates a network of 14 healthcare institutions and over 800 professionals working in clinical oncology research across Quebec. For more information, visit


Information or interviews:

Amélie Bérubé
Project Manager, Communication

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