Clinical Research in Oncology

New Partnership with Procure

Q-CROC is pleased to announce a new partnership with PROCURE, an organization that helps men affected by prostate cancer. Since 2003, PROCURE has been raising awareness, supporting and educating those affected by this disease and helping fund research.


“Q-CROC is pleased to team up with PROCURE, a pillar in the fight against cancer in Quebec. By working together, our two organizations will optimize the support offered to Quebecers affected by prostate cancer and improve access to quality information on clinical research. – Lucie D’Amours, Executive Director of Q-CROC


“We are proud to work with Q-CROC to raise awareness of new treatments and therapies that can improve the quality of life and prolong survival for men with prostate cancer. Together, we will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information on ongoing clinical trials and help patients find the right options for their situation. – Laurent Proulx, President and CEO of PROCURE

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