Recherche clinique en oncologie

Ethics and Human Subjects Protection: A Comprehensive Introduction
Formateur : ACRP
« A « must » for all clinical research professionals. Whether you are new to clinical research or in need of a comprehensive refresher, this on-demand eLearning course provides in-depth training on the history and importance of ethical conduct in clinical trials involving human subjects. Complementing Good Clinical Practice: An Introduction to ICH GCP Guidelines, this course takes a deep dive into the ethical considerations facing clinical research professionals and enables them to put the rules into practice to ensure human subject safety and well-being at all times. Learn how to avoid unethical conduct in clinical trials and how to resolve issues pertaining to actual or potential unethical conduct through a thorough review of the historical evolution of ethics in clinical research, the primary guidelines involving ethical considerations in clinical research, the elements of those guidelines, and the consequences of unethical conduct and decisions. »